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fetish_freeks's Journal

Dirty Deeds
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This is community for anyone with a fetish. We aren't looking for "Oh I lOvE sCrAtChiNg aNd biTiNg tEeHeE!!11!" kind of people. We are looking for someone with REAL fetishes. This is also a rating community mind you. So basically, you have to be HOT and have FETISHES. Aren't we shallow fucks? Males, Females and Transexuals of any age, any location and any race can apply.

Here be the rules:

1) You are NOT allowed to post on any other post besides your own app. until you have been accepted.

2) You must put "Bloody Kisses" somewhere on your app. so that we know you read the rules

3) You may post pictures, websites and promote your ass off after you've been accepted.

4) Since we are a new community, I'm going to plead and beg for all of the newly accepted members to promote promote PROMOTE.

5) You MAY post nude pictures, but please no closeups of your labia and urethra (basically nothing absolutely disgusting that more than likely we won't want to see.) If you post anything of this nature I will BAN your ass.

6)PLEASE post pictures of your fetishes, we like to share things of this nature considering the name and point of this community.

I'll probably post more rules later.




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